Help Action


2 thoughts on “Help Action

  1. Roland says:

    If you have an Imp as your familiar could it use the help action then hide behind you as full cover without ever leaving your square and as such not provoking?


    • Hi Roland
      I try to answer your questions based on what I learned collecting answers but Iā€™m not the D&D designers official voice.

      As DM I will allow Imp to do it (Familiars help the caster!) but try to imagine this situation: Imp help disctracting the enemy need to be visibile, and Imp is Tiny, so if will succeeds a Charisma/Intimidation DC15 (or 10) will Help caster.

      Imagine your character helping a Treant (Huge, 15 feet high) that is fighting a Fire Giant (Huge, 15 feet hight) he need to scream as a fool to distract the Giant! šŸ™‚


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